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15 years ago, and today.

A beautiful Saturday.  Sunshine. Coffee with friends. A call from Steve. Awkward pauses. What is wrong? Tell me. Your Mother is dead. What? She was dead in her bed when your dad got up to use the washroom.  An ambulance came. They could not revive her. Shall I come and get you? No. A drive... Read more »

Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings
I am sentimental, but not maudlin.  Anniversaries of deaths are not front and center to me.  This year, however, I have been wrestling thousands of pictures into chronological order, to create a disciplined story of the Dahl family.  I trapped myself. I over-photographed.  I stopped putting things in albums long ago, and tossed them into... Read more »

A Hardy Mum

My Mom died 12 years ago, and Sunday was almost a carbon copy of the day Steve received the call- crisp and sunny.  He tracked me down and shared the news, and then he went about the kind work of helping me get ready to say goodbye.  I was blessed in my Mother, and I... Read more »