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Random Observations on a Cruel Winter, Pt 1

Random Observations on a Cruel Winter, Pt 1
I’m tired of winter. You are, too. I am WAY more fortunate than most because I don’t drive to work, park overnight on the street, or work in the elements.  My dogs scamper to their dog run, so I do not even have to walk them. I like to snow blow: I never complain about... Read more »

Summer Slacker

I am trying to make the most of the lazy days of summer, as my dearth of posts indicates.  I have been dutifully rehabbing my knee- or rather, the substrate of atrophied muscles and connectors that should be supporting the new knee.  The good news:  I have been able to walk without pain- even making... Read more »


I am recovering nicely, with some pauses for the agony of physical therapy.  I have made a decision to wean myself off of pain meds, and Tylenol is my new go-to for discomfort.  The last two days have found me a little mushy in spirit, and I figure that as soon as I am free... Read more »

Cleared for Take Off

Yesterday I had a pre-surgical face-to-face with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Collins, of Hinsdale Orthopedics.  I dragged Steve. Dr. Collins is all business:  I have seen him for four years, and my consolidated time with him would not add up to 30 minutes.  I am a knee to him.  He is God to me,... Read more »