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Bittersweet, Memories

Bittersweet, Memories
I have been hard at work on my archiving project: 35 years of Steve Dahl and Company, personal edition.  I have unearthed boxes of pictures, baby books, tubs of prints, report cards, diplomas, baby wristbands and hats- everything imaginable….except for Matt’s high school graduation picture for his School Years folder.  I know I bought them,... Read more »


Can I pitch these prints?  We will see. I cannot believe THEY kept them. Sweet.
I am at the age that I have accumulated a lifetime of stuff.  A mere sliver of it is use in my day to day existence.  Two years ago, I shipped some of my stuff out to accommodate my mom and dad’s stuff-  furniture, collectibles and even a crate of pictures and letters from my... Read more »