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About the Bright One...

About the Bright One...
I have tried to be patient with the Sun Times, but they are testing my loyalty.  Chicago is that rare town where news stands account for some sales, and commuters love the compact format for the train and bus.  SO…pictures sell papers.  How could they fire every single photo-journalist? People with 44 years of devotion,... Read more »

Mark Brown is right

Today’s Sun Times has a Mark Brown article about the upcoming verdict in the Rod Blagojevich trial. He has an observation that very few writers have made:  it only takes one person to keep Rod/Rob free.  It is human nature to invoke the term “devil’s advocate” when charged with resurveying evidence.  One stubborn person, with... Read more »

Illinois Adventures

I did not vote for Scott Lee Cohen for lieutenant governor.  I received some nice multicolor mailings, and saw his commercial spots, and he seemed a congenial enough fellow.  I knew that Illinois gutted the position of L/G years ago.  This was made abundantly clear when the movers and shakers in the Democratic party slotted... Read more »