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Child of Mine

Child of Mine
Steve was resolute: one child.  I was resolute: two. I won.  And then some. My second child was engineered to be a girl, and yet he stubbornly resisted my kitchen chemistry machinations.  He burst into our life in 1983.  He was not like Pat- calm and self contained. He was stubborn, finicky and time intensive.... Read more »

Waiting for a Baby Dahl

We are counting the days. In October, we will welcome our second grandchild.  Mike and Kathryn have their baby's room ready.  Girl/boy?  Who knows?  (the ultrasound tech only)We shall see!
The Dahl family is growing!  Mike and Kathryn are having a baby in early October, and in their honor, the sisters and sisters-in-law had a shower.  OKAY- the poor girls were rolled over by my notion of a themed “Mother to Bee” theme.  They were powerless to extinguish my Pinterest fueled ideas. Because everyone is... Read more »

A much more creative look

Mike and Kathryn’s wedding was too beautiful not to share.  Their photographer edited some shots into a slide show, so if you have 20 minutes to kill- go here.   He captured their happiness in a spectacular way.