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Will we be kinder after the election?  Quieter? Less polarized? I am a news junkie, but I am turning from the chatterboxes on TV.  Polls, polls and more polls.  The process of electing a president has degraded into clatter.  We could be reading about the viability of the proposals proffered. We could be verifying the... Read more »

Trials and Tribulations

I am not an idiot. I like having this blog, but I know that the Tribune does not really need old lady blabbers who do not generate mad numbers of clicks.  Sports bloggers are the best, because they post up all the microscopic details that keep people revisiting.  People who do surveys are also prized.... Read more »

Illinois Adventures

I did not vote for Scott Lee Cohen for lieutenant governor.  I received some nice multicolor mailings, and saw his commercial spots, and he seemed a congenial enough fellow.  I knew that Illinois gutted the position of L/G years ago.  This was made abundantly clear when the movers and shakers in the Democratic party slotted... Read more »