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Alone Again, Naturally

Alone Again, Naturally
Steve is in Florida for the next 100 days, getting his endorphins balanced and avoiding the Midwestern gloom that asphyxiates him.  I am content to stay here, with my pack of Milly and Mabel to dig in with.  As I type this, they are stereo-snoring on the bed and I am rethinking my choice. My... Read more »

Child of Mine

Child of Mine
Steve was resolute: one child.  I was resolute: two. I won.  And then some. My second child was engineered to be a girl, and yet he stubbornly resisted my kitchen chemistry machinations.  He burst into our life in 1983.  He was not like Pat- calm and self contained. He was stubborn, finicky and time intensive.... Read more »

Sleepless in Sunshine

First- I apologize for the austerity of my blogging. My I pad will not load images, and so I will show you my world on another day. Today I will take you to Janet’s Planet with mere words. I have not slept well in Florida. Can it be that I require the snuffling and wheezing... Read more »

Home Again- Chatter that does not Matter

I am home from Michigan- I have a Village Board meeting, and so I dragged Steve back with me just as the sun returned to Harbor Country. My timing is impeccable. He worked on wiring the studio for his podcast, (starting September 8th) and now he is hitting golf balls on a closed course, so... Read more »

Moving Out of my Old Orbit

It is panic-inducing yet thrilling to be writing this.  For five or six years I have communicated with my husband’s “family” on his web site under the banner “Janet’s Planet”.  I am still there, as far as I know.  But when the Tribune asked if I wanted to blog on the Chicago Now site, I... Read more »