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And Jackson makes three….

There is a special resonance to the moment when your baby becomes a parent. I have been in the afterglow of that since October 24th.  Matthew and Justine’s little boy, Jackson, popped in a week early and ready to change all our lives forever. He was tiny: 6-10, 18.5 inches, and beautiful.  Hair: blondish. Eyes:... Read more »

Sorry again

I have been attending to a zillion things. Tonight I will attend the premiere of 17 Seconds, the story of the Blackhawk’s 2013 season.  My son Patrick is part of a Wirtz start up, Banner Collective, and they have unprecedented access to the team.  They were in the wings to capture many moments on the... Read more »

Harvest Days-Humbug

I wish I was one of those people who loved Fall. I am not. Fall color, cider, apple crisp- they are distractions. Evil is ahead. When I was younger, September meant school and the exceptional terror that the Sisters of Charity  doled out. How to avoid corporal punishment crossed my mind. We went to a... Read more »