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Random Observations on a Cruel Winter, Pt 1

Random Observations on a Cruel Winter, Pt 1
I’m tired of winter. You are, too. I am WAY more fortunate than most because I don’t drive to work, park overnight on the street, or work in the elements.  My dogs scamper to their dog run, so I do not even have to walk them. I like to snow blow: I never complain about... Read more »

This dude lived...

One habit that crept up on me as I reached a certain age was perusing the obituaries.  i think it enabled me to rejoice in the advanced ages that folks lived to, and also to give me a gut check that any day can be your last. It reminds me to take care of myself... Read more »

Ebb and Flow

                                          I have been absent from this space, because this is a winter full of discontent (to purloin a phrase) for me, and I know anyone visiting me at this space has no need of my... Read more »

This and That

First of all, Jimmy Greenfield of the Tribune wrote me a nice note saying that I wouldn’t be de-bloglisted because of my close personal association with the former Vice/Living columnist, recently dismissed, Steve Dahl.   I am reassured that I can hold forth here for a bit longer.  Steve  is the primary component of my... Read more »

Summer Slacker

I am trying to make the most of the lazy days of summer, as my dearth of posts indicates.  I have been dutifully rehabbing my knee- or rather, the substrate of atrophied muscles and connectors that should be supporting the new knee.  The good news:  I have been able to walk without pain- even making... Read more »