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Tuesdays With Gramma Janet (Apologies to Mitch Albom)

Henry's First Selfie
Yep, I was the Grandma who said she would never be locked into a day for babysitting.I hate driving to the city, and so I was OUT. I have always been available for emergency babysitting, and my initial offer was to be the Friday overnight drop off babysitter for any of the kids. They could... Read more »

A New Flower in the Dahl Garden

A New Flower in the Dahl Garden
Little Violet Donaldson Dahl has made her appearance. She is 8 days old, and beautiful. Apparently she was in a hurry to meet us, because she took only 3 hours from contraction #1 to TA DA!   Mommy never had her epidural, yet she was a trouper. The week since her birth has found the Pat... Read more »

And then we were empty nesters again....

And then we were empty nesters again....
Turns out, I like a little chirping in the house. Pat, Rachel and Henry left the city in late September after selling their condo in a nano-second.  Their new house was a gut-rehab-add- a-second- story kind of project. It would require the entire fall and winter to complete. And the beginning of spring.  Their first... Read more »

Little blessings

My last posting emanated from despair of death.  That is a bad place to squat.  How to get out ? Look up for the light. To that end,  I have some vignettes that make me happy.  On their own, they are simply anecdotes. They testify to a greater truth:people are generally good.  This is a... Read more »

Calling all Grandparents...and parents

Help me!  My grandson is due in 3 weeks, and I have been doing the gadfly clean up of my upstairs to make sure this home is a baby attractant.  I pulled all my relics of motherhood from the attic, and discovered that they had not aged well.  My plans to have my drop sided... Read more »