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Alone Again, Naturally

Alone Again, Naturally
Steve is in Florida for the next 100 days, getting his endorphins balanced and avoiding the Midwestern gloom that asphyxiates him.  I am content to stay here, with my pack of Milly and Mabel to dig in with.  As I type this, they are stereo-snoring on the bed and I am rethinking my choice. My... Read more »

Heading South

One year ago this week, I headed to Florida to spend time with my Dad.  He had just replaced all the windows in his condo to the tune of $25,000. It was an altruistic deed, as he was well aware that his Doctor had told him the odds of making it back to Michigan were... Read more »


I have brought a bit of Arctic chill to Pompano with me.  The benefit of enduring Midwest winters is that we are stoic and accommodating, even as the weather casters seek to inflame us with the prospect of flakes or chills.  We put on another layer, curse a bit, and go on with whatever we... Read more »

Up...and away

Steve is headed South to Pompano Beach for respite from the cold / the midwest / the basement/ me. In truth, it is chilly there, with the Southern Belles bringing their wool and fur out of mothballs to counter the 60 degree days and the 40 degree nights.It will suit Steve just fine. So will... Read more »