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The raw materials for fatherhood are microscopic:  a little swimmer, determined and heading into the unknown. The odds are against this triumph. Most of the 39 million sperm that a man distributes per “visit”  get lost, grow weary of the effort, or chose to detour.  For that one special fellow, life will never be the... Read more »

On Fathers, Daughters and Blessings

My Father’s soft edges came later in his life.  Early on, with six kids in a smallish home, an iron fist and intractable expectations were required.  He wasn’t a yeller, or really a spanker, but those possibilities were sufficiently possible that we behaved like model prisoners.  Dad had a handful of parental obligations.   He... Read more »

Fathers Day, Family Day

Judy Collins sang a Jacques Brel song back in the day that haunted me- Sons of.  It starts out with “sons of the thief, sons of the saint, who is the child with no complaint? Sons of the great, or sons unknown, all were children like your own.” The line I didn’t pay as much attention to... Read more »