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Travels with Mabel

Mabel is not my Dog of a Lifetime. That is Chamois, my Golden Retriever, best dog ever. Mabel is, however, the dog of my middle years. She is almost 12. (You do the dog years math) We have aged together.  That counts for a great deal. We are grafted. Among other things, we both love... Read more »

Janet's Punchlist for the Dog Days

1.  Get Netflix and watch Orange is the New Black.  This show was the subject of a July watchathon for the husband and myself.  It is set in a womens’s prison, based on a true story, chock full of a rainbow coalition of interesting inmates.  You judge them, fear them, disrespect them, learn their backstories... Read more »

Communal Vacation

Communal Vacation
We arrived late last night, and so the vacation is fairly embryonic.  We were too tired to eat, so Steve did a frozen Stouffer’s and I did Pinot Grigio from a box. Great news:  Henry has arrived with his parents.  I am over the moon to have a few days together.  I have not heard... Read more »


The steam rising off of the pool in the morning is a reminder that another summer has passed. This summer was embroidered with  many happy moments associated with Mike’s wedding, and I scarcely indulged in my special brand of indolence.  Now, too soon, I am mourning the disappearance of summer possibilities.   When I was... Read more »

On the cusp of Autumn

We are midway on a trip to Grand Rapids for a wedding- an overnight in New Buffalo is just the antidote to the White Sox meltdown.  Steve did not even ask about the score!  It is a bittersweet time to be here- boats are lugged out of the water and shrink wrapped, the streets are... Read more »