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Steve gives me a shout out....sort of

On Steve’s Friday Fox blurb, he highlighted our varying dedication to Christmas decorations.  He grinches, I glitter..Check out the Spirit of Christmas with a grimace by clicking the link….

On Driving and The Soundtrack of my Life

On Driving and The Soundtrack of my Life
I have waxed rhapsodic about my car in the past- it is a 2000 BMW X5.  Steve avoided the first model year glitches when he bought it for himself, and loved the oversized engine and the first generation GPS.  I have driven it for 6 years, and its reliability and durability seduce me.  The Germans,... Read more »


Last week on Steve’s  podcast-er, Dahlcast, Amanda Puck mentioned that she was going to New York City for the holiday weekend.  Steve remarked how lame President’s Day was as a holiday, since mostly governmental workers observed it, not regular people.  Amanda thought he was kidding with his failure to acknowledge Valentine’s day, but of course,... Read more »