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I tried to run away from home...

I tried to run away from home...
But I cannot run away from life. Where there is internet and TV, life follows. Steve headed to Minneapolis this weekend for an internet broadcasting conference.  I decided to hustle the dogs into the car and escape to Lake Michigan.  I planned to read, to write, to spend a bit of time with a friend.... Read more »

Irene Has Left the Coastline

We were prepared to bunker down here in Michigan and watch CNN while empathizing with the East Coasters as Irene wreaked havoc on their lives. We felt some transitory guilt about being in a beautiful spot, enjoying perfect weather as their homes were lashed. No more. We are tired of the Irene news already.  The... Read more »

We have given our hearts away...a sordid boom

Even after watching a wall of news reports about the tragedy at Fort Hood, I know very little.  This is too big a jig saw puzzle to be fast-forced into comprehension.  More hours have not created more understanding; in fact, despite the gaping freedom of wall to wall coverage, we were not enlightened with accuracy... Read more »