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The Christmas Angel is here for You- DAY 1 Tips

The Christmas Angel is here for You- DAY 1 Tips
I officially declare myself to be a Christmas addict.  I have my main tree up and am embarking upon the glitter infusion of my mundane world.  I am here for you. I have my staging tubs out, and I want to make sure you have the essential tools needed to transform your home.  Get these... Read more »

Tools of persistence

Tools of persistence
The photo accompanying this little blurb indicates the raw materials in my “staging bin”.  This is the tub that comes down first, and stays in the window seat so I can always solve a decorating conundrum.  The chenille and wire on a roll are handy to have for tying stuff up.  The removable tapes from... Read more »

Phase 1: The doorway

Phase 1:  The doorway
I don’t want to scare you, but I am 100% decorated.  And 100% for me means I still have twenty boxes of stuff in my attic, but I am folding.  Time is a tyrant, as Garry Meier says.  I have 30 people coming to a shower on Saturday, and there really is no room for... Read more »


Even the powder room gets a little Christmas- and I guess that is enough.  But trust me- you have not seen it all.
I created a totally false timeline for decorating:  anything unembellished by Sunday at 5:00 pm would not be completed.  I made it- all but the clean up.  And the house, if not as overloaded as in years past, is a shimmery jewel.  I am content. I have packed away the tools of Christmas creation- pipe... Read more »