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The Light Shines Bright...Phase 5

As we leave the kitchen, you can see that I change the plates at the end of the refrigerator for the season.  Pat made the handprint when he was 3.  It may be on its last legs.
I know you are Christmas weary.  I will spare you the family room so you can be sufficiently dazzled by the back of the house.  This is a happy, happy part of my house, at Christmas and everyday. Click the title for the photo tour….

Come on in! Phase 3.

Mom and Dad gave this to us years ago.  Poor Mr. Cow has lost an ear, but he still warms Baby Jesus with his good ear showing.  Just a ring of Garland, lights and some floral stems with sparkley snow.  The reason for the season, As we say.
Welcome to my Christmas home.  Pretend you are on a housewalk, and I will guide you! My house has a really typical floorplan, and it is old enough that it is not open in style- a good thing as I am not a star housekeeper, and this way one room in disarray does not make... Read more »

Home Again

It was a rude re-entry for me.  It is hard to leave Paradise, hard to come home to the Ruins, and really hard to forget my last, very bad piece of mahi mahi.  I believe it had percolated in the sun for a bit, and my entire system of digestion and equilibrium was affected.  Note... Read more »