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Grandparent's Manifesto

Grandparent's Manifesto
There is a broad community that blogs here- some physical contact exists, but we are predominantly a virtual bunch.  I am demographically OLDER than most here. Still, I like the outlet. It continues a tradition of familial remembrance. My husband created the original transparant family when he broadcast the birth of my first born son... Read more »

The Revolution

The revolution will not be televised, and that is a good thing for me.  I am breaking into hives.   Tomorrow is the end of Blog Life as I know it, as I will be jumping, along with all Chicago Now Bloggers to a new framework. I am sure all you techno smarties know the... Read more »

Trials and Tribulations

I am not an idiot. I like having this blog, but I know that the Tribune does not really need old lady blabbers who do not generate mad numbers of clicks.  Sports bloggers are the best, because they post up all the microscopic details that keep people revisiting.  People who do surveys are also prized.... Read more »