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Little things that you do....

Little things that you do....
I am in Florida. Steve and I have merged and blended. I don’t hear strings when I see him in baggage claim, but it is a relief to know that he cares enough to park and wait. ┬áThat is not a Dahl protocol, but it is strictly the Joliat way. ┬áDetroit does not offer the... Read more »


I have brought a bit of Arctic chill to Pompano with me.  The benefit of enduring Midwest winters is that we are stoic and accommodating, even as the weather casters seek to inflame us with the prospect of flakes or chills.  We put on another layer, curse a bit, and go on with whatever we... Read more »

The Bed is Here!

I have been trying some behavior modification today to try to get the beasts to bond with their sumptuous new bed.  Mabel, especially, seems to enjoy nesting in the dog sofa- but there is a static electricity problem that I will need to deal with.  If they get shocks clambering in and out, I think... Read more »