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I am a pro at time wasting. I surf to the four corners of stupidity so you do not have to. You're welcome.

Some beauty in the world...

Sweet, talented and beautiful Ellen Page agreed to do a keynote speech for professionals who serve and support the LGBT community. And then she gave them the gift of gratitude and fulfillment.  What a girl, what a speech. I hope I live long enough that “I’m gay” isn’t the catalyst for a standing ovation any... Read more »

Janet's Punchlist for the Dog Days

1.  Get Netflix and watch Orange is the New Black.  This show was the subject of a July watchathon for the husband and myself.  It is set in a womens’s prison, based on a true story, chock full of a rainbow coalition of interesting inmates.  You judge them, fear them, disrespect them, learn their backstories... Read more »

Like I said....Geraldo Rivera is an idiot.

Jerry Rivers aka Geraldo Rivera is a goof ball. His quote, regarding the jurors in the Zimmerman trial, discussed in a prior rant, was absurd. He gives good quote (remember- the hoodie killed Trayvon) and now he gives good cheesecake. His selfie was ridiculous and indulgent, even- or especially- as a celebration of 70. (Though... Read more »

Grandparent's Manifesto

Grandparent's Manifesto
There is a broad community that blogs here- some physical contact exists, but we are predominantly a virtual bunch.  I am demographically OLDER than most here. Still, I like the outlet. It continues a tradition of familial remembrance. My husband created the original transparant family when he broadcast the birth of my first born son... Read more »

The Christmas Angel is here for You- DAY 1 Tips

The Christmas Angel is here for You- DAY 1 Tips
I officially declare myself to be a Christmas addict.  I have my main tree up and am embarking upon the glitter infusion of my mundane world.  I am here for you. I have my staging tubs out, and I want to make sure you have the essential tools needed to transform your home.  Get these... Read more »

For the Summer's real life Hunger Games

This summer, we will be treated to the Summer Games of August, our political equivalent of the Hunger Games. Dueling conventions will whip party loyalists into a donkey and elephant embellished crowd.  Those watching at home will swing from indifference, to repulsion, to investment in the characters on the screen. When it is over, those... Read more »

Rear View: last year's ambitious project

Steve is attached to the lucky mirror- he records his weight on it everyday in dry erase marker.  The door with hooks is to the bedroom, the other is the closet.
I wrote a post last week about my ADD home remodeling, and here are the before and after shots.  I end up spending more than I need to because I re-use stuff, but I cannot pitch out good cabinetry.  This stuff was Wood Mode, and it was in great shape.  The result is that the... Read more »

Creature of Habit

Creature of Habit
In order to postpone my big project of organizing 33 years of Dahl photographic history, or of sharing the pictures I promised of last year’s project (a reveal in HGTV parlance) I am offering a detour.  I am as famous for my zigs, zags, and detours as Steve is for his straight lines. Mabel is... Read more »

Phase 6: the family room,and a grateful farewell...

Pictures from lots of Past Christmases....embedded in greens with lights and silvery trees.  The mirrored back bounces the light around.  Below this is the refrigerator drawer that holds pop and water...this could be a bar if we drank more.  Maybe I'll try...
I am almost agoraphobic diring the holidays- I love to just be at home, distracted by the memories embedded in every piece of Christmas clutter.  There is peace and beauty. History. In the attic, other themes are on hiatus- what I have shared are my favorites.  Next year,with Henry toddling, perhaps the 101 Dalmations tree... Read more »

The Light Shines Bright...Phase 5

As we leave the kitchen, you can see that I change the plates at the end of the refrigerator for the season.  Pat made the handprint when he was 3.  It may be on its last legs.
I know you are Christmas weary.  I will spare you the family room so you can be sufficiently dazzled by the back of the house.  This is a happy, happy part of my house, at Christmas and everyday. Click the title for the photo tour….