About Me

I moved to Chicago from Detroit in 1978, giving up a teaching job, interrupting the legal education I was getting at night, and astounding my family with my first demonstration of rugged independence.  My husband Steve had signed on to host mornings at WDAI, and he had asked if I would join him.  "Not unless we are married" was my response.  To this day, Steve claims I proposed to him.  He has a point.  Four months later, he was dumped by ABC radio, and not allowed to return to Detroit via contractual fine print. It has worked out fine.

For these 40 years I have lived in the public eye, albeit in the shadow of my husband.  My mom found out I was pregnant the first via radio announcement. My son Pat cried his first breath on the radio.  As the boys grew up, I retreated from the daily doings on the radio, and gave the boys the privacy to grow up without magnifying the awkwardness involved in morphing into men.  Sharing is a hard habit to break: for years I have welcomed the extended radio family into my immediate family at Steve's website or the late lamented  janetplanet.com. Now I am expanding the topics to include whatever amuses, confounds or inspires me.  Of course, my family, friends and Life in the Slow Lane are all things I will examine.  I hope there will be a dialogue.  A friendly one.
I am trying to stay on top of the electronic era.  I am Janet Dahl at Facebook and Instagram, and I Twitter as @jntplnt. Once in awhile, my dog tweets as @rosiedoodledog. She is cute but subversive.  I am positive that my kids/nephews/nieces are mortified when I comment.  So Be It.  Since they know I lurk in their virtual world, I think they moderate intemperate public comment. I am still a teacher at heart.   My boys, born on local airwaves, are now adult with children of their own.  They all work in the media.  I produced no teachers or lawyers- I guess I was not a role model, just a chauffeur/caregiver/tutor/cook.  They, with Steve, are the axis of my world.  Anyone who visits me here at Chicago Now is part of my expanding world- welcome to disagree, but encouraged to stay in the sun.  It's about the Vitamin D.