Hello. Have You Missed Me?

I’ve missed you.

I had a chance to meet a legion of wonderful people at Steve’s garage sale, and SO many people said that they missed my blog that I am going to attempt to redirect my manic Facebook energy to a more constructive and thoughtful platform.  I can make no promises, because my attention span has fragmented into Tiny. Little. Pieces.

This has always been a sacred space to share the moments that overflow in my life.  In truth I am blessed with an ordinary life. If I wait for life shattering events, these posts will be few and far between. I think that I will focus on the moments that bring me joy, concern or wisdom.

I have so many topics stored up:  Grandkids, my newish dog Rosie, my high school reunion, books I love, breast cancer, family, Steve Dahl, tv shows, extraordinary kindnesses afforded to me, bird feeders, squirrels, food, my ancient car…oh, hell.  As a list, it hardly sounds like blockbuster stuff.  Like me.  But I will try not to waste your time. Feel free to send me questions and curiosities.

I may have to update my picture in the interests of honesty. That may be the hardest part.

Please bookmark this page and subscribe at the right if you want to be nudged when I post.  I may need some nudging, as I have been an undisciplined free spirit since I packed my last son off to college. 

This is my new world:

The 9 Little Dahls

The 9 Little Dahls: Henry holding Cameron, Jackson, Emery, Charlie, Violet, Emmett, and Mary holding Margaret.

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