I Am Back

img_9789It has been more than two years since I held forth at Chicago Now. Milly Dog died in October 2014.  I wrote about it, and then my words went away. Now my Old Dog Mabel has ambled on.  I owe her the same send off.

I’m rusty, I’ll grant you. I am betting that this platform has grown more nimble and amazing, and I have just grown two years older.

So this blurb is a test for me.

I may have forgotten how to use Word Press. I have no clue if anyone wants to listen to my drone/crone ramblings.  I am thinking that even if NO ONE does,the discipline of expressing myself would be a good exercise.  Catharsis is a worthy goal. Though my life is not studded with MAJOR EVENTS, I still have an insight or two.  Maybe.

The trigger for my pilgrimage back to Chicago Now is that I spent yesterday morning waiting for the Vet to make a house call. The last house call.  To distract myself, I wrote a eulogy for the beast that took me from Home School Council to Gramma Janet. For 15 years, this dog served as my occasional Nemesis, and constant sidekick.

Mabel earned some words. If this test run works, I will be energized to navigate the tool bar and attempt to recall how to add pictures and such. Bear with me, please.

I’ve missed you.

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