Polar Vortex to Pollen Vortex

Polar Vortex to Pollen Vortex
We waited so long for spring. Ahhhh chooo.


I have grumbled my way through a ridiculous winter in foul form and perfect health.

The moment that the earth gave up its frosty demeanor, my allergies resurfaced with a grim resolve.

And I DO mean resurfaced.  I have not experienced such misery since summer camp days, where an ill advised hay ride put me in the infirmary with asthma. Well, there were days where my eyes went all inside out after I adopted a cat. (Note to self- it is crazy to have a pet that you cannot pet)

Generally my allergies are the typical irritations:  ragweed, hay, pollen, dust, mold,cats and horses.  Spring and summer.  Not bad at all.  Not even medication worthy most years.

What the hell happened this year?



There was such an extended freeze that the pollens were stymied, immobilized into April.   Those glorious first spring days released a pollen motherlode.   The winds amplified the effects, and we miserable sufferers did not have time to create any resistance. We went down.

It’s ugly. Red eyes, raspy throat, dry cough, post nasal drip.  It sounds bad.  Scares everyone I come into contact with.  I an Typhoid Janet.

The good news is that I’m not feeling sick, just irritated.  The meds that I should have started taking to block histamines will not reach a therapeutic level for a week or so, so I am treating the symptoms with a vast array of crutches. Mucinex is my best friend, so effective as a drying agent that my lips are chapped and my eyes Mojave-like. It wears off at 3:30 a.m. or thereabouts every night, whereupon I am forced to choose: Shall I cough relentlessly or chug Nyquil?  Not exactly Sophie’s Choice, but there ARE consequences associated with either option. Since my IQ is affected by cough meds, I usually choke, drink water, play with my phone and remain in a sitting position until the sun rises.

SO even though I am not sick, I am growing duller day by day.

Friends have forwarded more helpful hints than I could use, but some tips are so easy to incorporate that honey, lavender and green tea have made their way into my day.  I am going down fighting.

And I have it on good authority that after the leaves open, they will effectively trap the majority of what ails me. Until the flowers bloom.

By then, my daily antihistamine will make me impervious.  I WILL plant a garden.  I WILL smell the roses.

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