Part 2: Christmas Memory Book: A Gallery

So….here are some captures of my Christmas Story.  The books I made last year were my favorite gifts to give my kids- so much better than sweaters.

I hope some people will be inspired to copy my little “project” for their gift giving, or to annex to their own holiday celebrations.  I’m sure there are creative artists who can do a more beautiful job. You could add kids’ artwork, letters to Santa, menus and recipes.  Immortalize a show seen together with ticket stubs.  After all, every family follows its own path.  But it’s the heart that counts, not the imagery.

I have a few more annual letters left in me.   I found some new collage templates that will help me to do a better photo job.   I plan to keep submitting my Christmas “Janter” for a few years.  I just hope that the kids can find a glue stick, some time,  and the moments to reflect on the year they just lived through.  Their book will keep their memories from fading.

Most of all, I hope they share the joy that I had in being the Keeper of Dahl Christmas. And pass it on.


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