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Sorry again

I have been attending to a zillion things. Tonight I will attend the premiere of 17 Seconds, the story of the Blackhawk’s 2013 season.  My son Patrick is part of a Wirtz start up, Banner Collective, and they have unprecedented access to the team.  They were in the wings to capture many moments on the... Read more »

15 years ago, and today.

A beautiful Saturday.  Sunshine. Coffee with friends. A call from Steve. Awkward pauses. What is wrong? Tell me. Your Mother is dead. What? She was dead in her bed when your dad got up to use the washroom.  An ambulance came. They could not revive her. Shall I come and get you? No. A drive... Read more »

Autumnal Rapture

OK- it has been an amazing Fall.  I cannot bitch in the face of oncoming winter, because the weather gods have conspired to seduce me. I cannot remember a string of  Autumnal days with bluer skies and better temperatures.  The cool nights mean open window sleeping, which means early leaf blower mornings. I don’t mind... Read more »

Is Octoberfest the Wrong Theme for a First Birthday?

Is Octoberfest the Wrong Theme for a First Birthday?
Who cares?  The Maryfest has been held.   The first princess in the Roger Dahl line after 85 years of waiting is Mary Joliat Dahl.  She was born one year ago, on September 29th.  The occasion demanded a celebration. Mike and Kathryn live in a townhouse, and they wished to have a party for Mary’s... Read more »