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The Paradox of Parenting

Here is a morsel of advice for Moms: You work hard to be the BEST MOM in the universe. You may be a wondrous business person. Your dinners may be Julia Child caliber. Your home may be pristine. Your child may be enriched in cultural and educational ways. Your calendar may be organized with no... Read more »

No hope was left in sight....

Janus is the Roman god with two faces: he looks to the future, he looks to the past, all in one moment.  He observes the dichotomy of life: comings and goings, all occurring at once. Last night my namesake god presided at a gathering of my friends. He was most unwelcome. The Bookbags had scheduled... Read more »

Harvest Days-Humbug

I wish I was one of those people who loved Fall. I am not. Fall color, cider, apple crisp- they are distractions. Evil is ahead. When I was younger, September meant school and the exceptional terror that the Sisters of Charity  doled out. How to avoid corporal punishment crossed my mind. We went to a... Read more »

Let up on Charlie Trotter

I make my living off the Evening News  Just give me something-something I can use  People love it when you lose….. This is just an off the cuff blurb about the Charlie Trotter situation last week.  I have never met the chef, never sat at the Chef’s table, never stepped into his restaurant. I have... Read more »