Janet's Punchlist for the Dog Days

Janet's Punchlist for the Dog Days

1.  Get Netflix and watch Orange is the New Black.  This show was the subject of a July watchathon for the husband and myself.  It is set in a womens’s prison, based on a true story, chock full of a rainbow coalition of interesting inmates.  You judge them, fear them, disrespect them, learn their backstories and orgins, and then get embarrassed for the snapshot opinion you had.  Sometimes you are too harsh; sometimes you are too nice. The prison staff is mostly scornworthy.   Though some liberties may be taken, I think life inside is depicted for the swamp it is. The show is gorgeworthy, and GOOD NEWS- a second season is coming.

2.  Get a book and plop yourself down.  If you have not read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green,  get busy.  And get Kleenex. It was written for young adults, but I loved it with all my heart.  The topic seems maudlin-teens with cancer- but this journey is so beautifully and realistically depicted that you feel honored to be the silent observer in the circle.  The characters are literate and unique, and each has a particular burden.  Their spirits are feisty, the parents are heroic, life is unbearably unfair.  You will carry them in your heart. Be brave.  Do it.

3.  My fashion tip in this assemblage of trivia is that high /low skirts should be left to young women.  They wear it with flair and fashion fun.  When older women wear bilevel skirts, they look…less cute.  I think that we can let the young fashionistas own a few things all by themselves.  My legs are happy to be covered, though they are the only area of my body that hasn’t become fluffy in my old age. Maxi skirts and dresses are perfectly permissible for women to steal from the kids.  Grab a jean jacket to cover the angel wings and enjoy a reactivation of the hippie days.  We OWN this look.

4.  Person who invented the peplum, person who repopularized it:  We hate you.  Only the skinniest of the minniest can pull off an apron of extra fabric at the waist.  Go away. Let’s reactivate the shift. Or the muu muu.  Or see #3.

5.  Corn: Mirai corn .  It is August; this is a short, precious period of sweet corn deliciousness. Mirai is the best corn you will eat. EVER.  You can eat it raw, but I suggest warm and buttery. Track it down and thank me later.  Burger, corn, period. Summer love, summer lust.

6.  Cherries:  Going, going….. get them.  Some day soon you will go to the grocery and there will be….no cherries.  You will mourn that you need to wait a year to indulge.  So make sure you stalk the produce section so you will have eaten your fair share.

7. Once again, I am sharing my epic love for Stop 50 Wood Fired Pizza in Long Beach, Indiana. This is an act of generosity, for I live in fear of a day when I cannot get in.  I visited Pizza Bianco in Scottsdale, a Southwest cousin of Stop 50, and there was a 2 hour wait. If you go, tell Chris and Christy- the nicest couple ever to buy a farm, build a pizza oven, chop a zillion trees to stoke it, and present deliciousness on a daily (well, not really- they close for the harshest part of winter) basis.  The featured salad is the best caprese you will ever experience, and the pizza specials are always a revelation.  I cannot let go of my pistachio-prosciutto love, and Steve is a sausage mushroom.  Oh, the crust, oh the crunch.  I want one NOW.  They make home made soup, gelato and three epic desserts:  wood oven style s’mores, a baked gooey banana and the Biga Donut-pizza dough smeared with nuttela that puffs up and melts in your mouth.  I want all of those right now, too. Go.  My peanut allergic grandson went there and they totally sanitized the oven to keep him safe.  They are that wonderful.

8. Buy the Civil Wars new album.  They sing like angels though they are fighting like tigers.  Their voices are magically intertwined, and that makes the fact that they are not touring, performing or even speaking to one another heartbreaking.  John Paul is home with his wife and four kids, Joy is itching to perform after having her first child.  They were together for two weeks in September, recorded this project and have not spoken since.  Musicians divorce, just like married folks, and there is pain and loss.  And beautiful, beautiful music. Like the children left behind.

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