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Travels with Mabel

Mabel is not my Dog of a Lifetime. That is Chamois, my Golden Retriever, best dog ever. Mabel is, however, the dog of my middle years. She is almost 12. (You do the dog years math) We have aged together.  That counts for a great deal. We are grafted. Among other things, we both love... Read more »

For Better or Worse, Pt.2

For Better or Worse, Pt.2
Two Minds, One Heart Thirty five years ago I inscribed Steve’s wedding band with that platitude.  It seemed to acknowledge that we came from differing families, geographies, goals, and personalities, but were committed to forging a singular route through life. That was the folly of a young woman. If marriage is really about maintaining all... Read more »

For Better or Worse...Part 1

This weekend found me in my homeland, Detroit,   for a momentously happy occasion. My brother Paul’s beautiful daughter Jillian Joliat was married to Rob Dare. It is the culmination of a five year courtship, punctuated by distances and adaptation.  The marriage will not change that: Rob will finish law school in Pittsburgh and Jillian... Read more »

Janet's Punchlist for the Dog Days

1.  Get Netflix and watch Orange is the New Black.  This show was the subject of a July watchathon for the husband and myself.  It is set in a womens’s prison, based on a true story, chock full of a rainbow coalition of interesting inmates.  You judge them, fear them, disrespect them, learn their backstories... Read more »