Like I said....Geraldo Rivera is an idiot.

Jerry Rivers aka Geraldo Rivera is a goof ball.

His quote, regarding the jurors in the Zimmerman trial, discussed in a prior rant, was absurd.

He gives good quote (remember- the hoodie killed Trayvon) and now he gives good cheesecake.

His selfie was ridiculous and indulgent, even- or especially- as a celebration of 70. (Though it pales in comparison to Carlos Danger’s mis-fires)

He missed Internet 101  if he thinks he can truly pull a tweet back from the virtual world.

How can we rely on a cretin like him for news? Oh, yeah- we don’t.

In case you missed it, Here’s Jerry:

Like my son says, you cannot unsee this.

Like my son says, you cannot unsee this.


To his credit, Jerry seems to be very well groomed.  A million candles died for that waxing. And he is lean and mean. Probably has good breath based on the Listerine bottle. And he wears shades so an not to dazzle himself. If only our view was similarly buffered.

Good policy: Do not take phones into the bathroom. For the good of mankind.


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