Back to the Nest-Two Birds

Back to the Nest-Two Birds

The winter migration of Steven Dahl the Winter Hater ended abruptly.  He just got sad.  Roger Ebert had died, he was in Florida, I was in France, and the discombobulation sent him to the airport.

I have traveled like a bumblebee this winter, and truth told, I was ready to attach myself to Home Sweet Home, too. So here I am, reunited and it feels so good.

That does not mean that the merge has been seamless.  I have been a lump on a log.

I’m tired, my body clock resisting the re-set.  I tried the usual methods of staying up until regular bedtime the first day home.

I just grew more weary.

Every day I have popped up at 3-4 AM and remained up.  Then my engine fades at 7:30 and Steve is confronted with a snoring wife in the corner.  We are still continents apart. He has been a great sport since he knows I am a slow adapter to change.  That is why I told him to stay South until I acclimated.  Guess he really, really missed me.  Until he got here.

I’ve tried to get in sync.  I utilized the sleep aid route, and extended my sleep to 5:00, and that is just about where it stands now.

The real trouble is, I like getting up early, bounding out of bed, having the papers read by 7:00.  I make BIG PLANS and have every intention of acting upon them.  But I do not like going to sleep 12 hours later.  I am weeks behind on my DVR, which is almost full.  It is like Sophie’s Choice, deleting programs I have not, and now will never see to make room for the reinstated Colbert and Stewart stacks. (I cheat on them when Steve is away..he has reprogrammed the DVR.) Goodbye unseen Community, Law and Order SVU, Happy Endings and Go On.  I’ll catch you in reruns.

I am working on reentry.

I offer this as an apology, since I have been MIA here.

Lots has happened:  My riverboat trip to Provence, our family vacation in Arizona, Matt and Justine’s wonderful BABY news, and Steve’s (misguided) desire to see Spring in Chicago.  There has been a wilding, and the CPS is still in turmoil.  Gun control is still stewing and brewing.  Time Out Chicago, a magazine that let me peek into the young hip world has been shuttered.

I’ll get to it all.  Soon. Promise.You don’t want to read a foggy, tired Me try to express herself.  But my first subject will be flying manners for parents. I blame my fatigue on a near nervous breakdown I had on a plane in proximity to the WORST fliers EVER. With 2 kids. For 9 hours 38 minutes.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to the Annoying Flying Family.  Don’t worry, they are from Brazil. You don’t know them.


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