Losers with Pressure Cookers and Nails

Losers with Pressure Cookers and Nails
Evil incarnate, Losers.

So here we are.  Two weeks after two idiotic, brain dead, mis-wired miscreants caused mayhem in Boston.

CNN is still wall to wall with the doofuses- examining their motives and their indoctrination.

Entertainment Tonight is running a 5 part special to tap into the mind of this family.

Really?  Entertainment Tonight is going to make sense of it all?

I think I can provide a shortcut into the Why?

The older brother was a loser.  With delusions of grandeur.  When he lost his dream of boxing for the US due to citizenship issues (variously reported as stemming from his birthplace and bashing his girlfriend)  he could not deal with life as an ordinary working stiff.

SO he prayed 5 times a day while his wife finished college and worked like a slave to support his family, however marginally.

He was a failure in the land of promise.  So was his mom.  And dad.

He was pickled, curdled, tainted, angry and ignorant.  Rather than pick himself up, like a normal person, he raged, looking for a cause.  A stereotypical path for the loser who comes face to face with his weaknesses.

A handy “cause” was the US.  You know, the country that gave him asylum, allowed him to go to school, make something of himself, supported him with public assistance at times. He was a victim.  He would represent other victims.

A petri dish of rage and narcissism makes a fine growing medium for violence. The language of a holy book, when read literally without any higher level intellectual skills, provided a justification for immorality. A loser, cornered by his own lack of character, decided to become a warrior.

He’s dead and I’m glad.

I’m glad no one else was sacrificed in his half assed path to martyrdom.

But the constant microscopic analysis of WHY can only lead to unsatisfying answers.

Again, a simple answer: He was weak, warped. He controlled his brother.  Was easily programmed.


Loser. Hater. Killer. Not a common path, but one we have seen too often today.

CNN is invested in making this a story of international terrorism.   They talk about the plot to “bomb Times Square.” Hello: this was the wishful thinking of two idiots who had just seen their pictures smeared all over TV.  They had no money, no gas, no way to relocate their enterprise. One of the guns they had in their arsenal was a BB gun.

I don’t know how we grow such mutants, but THAT is worth pursuing.  This nation was founded on the backs of immigrants who worked, failed, reconfigured, and kept at it until they could feed their families. Our work schedule and work ethic is unparalleled in much of the world.

Perhaps- and I am just spit balling here- observant Muslims find it difficult to integrate in a secular, work obsessed world, where time out for prayer five times a day is a career detour.  Maybe the dissonance creates animus.  And the animus created Tamerlan Tsarnaeva, with an assist from stupidity and a mother who had also failed spectacularly in her adopted haven, by shoplifting.

In point of fact, even the elders at his mosque rejected Tamerlan’s rabid and hateful warping of Islamic dogma.  The “man without a country” simmered and boiled over.  His porous brain, unable to cut it at community college, was readily filled with revenge fantasies.

An aside: a novel worth reading is American Dervish, by Ayed Akhtar, this year’s Nobel prize winner for drama.  It is a glimpse into the life of a Pakistani boy who grows up in Wisconsin, somewhat trapped by a secular dad and an attachment to an observant older Muslim woman.  The clash of cultures between mosque goers and secularists, adults and kids- it is all presented in a nuanced and fascinating way.

I don’t want to hear one more fast fact, apropros of nothing.  Let’s let the authorities do their job and jig-saw the pieces of intelligence into a map we can learn from. Unless there is really new information, not just speculation- we don’t need to see these specimins treated like they are masterminds.  They are evil, low rent monsters.

The Brothers Tsarnaeva are not fascinating.  They are puerile. The details the media provides are no longer keys to understanding, but food to feed a morbid curiosity. Today on CBS, we heard the older brother’s voice for the first time.  (a local station was doing a skim piece on his gym, circa 2009. ) Gasp.

And a note to the crew at ET: the boys’ Mom did not start wearing a burka, she started wearing a head covering or hijab.  If you purport to be investigative reporters, you could at least get THAT right.

Never mind.  I’ll just turn away.

There are people we would rather spend time knowing, like responders, families of victims, those crippled in this awful event, their families.  We’re with these folks for the long haul.

For now, please: Let’s down-size these pathetic zombies with their delusions of grandeur instead of elevating them to “international terrorists” where they might obtain status among radicals via martyrdom.

Truth: they were criminals. They were devastatingly successful in their enterprise. And spectacularly lacking in character or achievement elsewhere in their lives.

Losers. Haters. Killers. It’s enough. We need to stop making more of them.



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