Got it!

Got it!
One gift a day, at least.

Here is my pickle jar- not so grand as the image I attached to my last post- but adequate for my purposes.  $ 5.00.  That seems high, right? It came with a carrying handle that Steve and I were unable to affix.  Then we both wondered why anyone wanted to carry pickles.  Or why I would want a handle for my Gratitude jar.  SO we abandoned the challenge.  Is this a bad start?  An omen for the year ahead?  No.

I was going to go all Martha Stewart and festoon it, but I decided to stay simple. I even dropped my notion of multi colored slips of paper.  I want this to be easy enough that I do not wander away.  I am cyclonic in my energy, not linear.  I think it is endearing, but the husband cannot shop with me, comparing me to a butterfly who drifts wildly and unpredictably.  Guilty.

SO Day 1, in the jar.  364 more. What are the odds I see it through?  Maybe that is why I went public, so you can pressure me to finish something I start.

I had plenty to be thankful for on the laziest day of my year, but I zeroed in on my healthy family and Jake’s Country Meats  pork chops. And of course, the fine man who grilled them. That will go without saying, because I am thankful for him (almost) every day.

WIsh I could have given thanks for the NIU Huskies’ victory, but that dog won’t hunt.

There was NU’s fine moment, with its adorable Pat Fitzgerald.

Little known fact:  Patrick Dahl was Willie the Wildcat during his tenure at NU.  He was not able to growl at any championship games.  His  highlight was being mauled by Herkie Hawkeye and then rolling into a space heater at Iowa, where his fur melted.  We were there to see it, since Mike was in the college hunt.  The Big Ass Turkey legs and the joyful tailgating would have tipped me.  Mike, however, headed to Champaign and the in-state tuition Steve and I so love.

He was not to emulate Pat and become Chief Illiniwek, though he would have been awesome.    I guess that is a good thing, since the Chief was being politicized then phased out.  Except for the weird dance, I always thought the Native American tradition was treated with dignity on campus.  Guess the administration was wary of college kids and their unpredictable enthusiasm.  The Chief’s coolest moments were on his horse at football games. On the other hand, Illinois was a basketball powerhouse in Mike’s day, (and now, maybe?) and a horse on the court is not going to cut it….so there was  just that bizarre dance.  But I miss that Illiniwek logo like crazy.  It was epic.

As it turns out, there were bigger issues on campus, resulting in a revolving door in the administrative ranks.  Those daring trustees, however,  had their priorities riveted to the headpiece of the mascot.  Such is life in the Ivory Tower.  Mike loved every moment of his time there, made lifelong friends, and his education was comprehensive.  He rallied for the Chief, despaired when he was exiled, and proudly used the head piece for his graduation party invitations.  That was….. a lifetime ago.  Now Mike has his own stratified priorities: wife, job, baby.  I doubt if the Chief ever strays onto his radar.

Well- this is a butterfly of a post.  Cyclonic. If you have made it this far, thank you.  You get me. I love you.

Steve would be starting over every time I changed the subject.  So I will stop.  But I will try to be a better correspondant.  Yeah, I say that all the time.  If, however, I am allowed to unload Janter here, Steve will be spared from my circuitous musings.

That will be something HE puts in his Thanks jar.

Oh, yes- he would never have one.

His virtual Thanks jar.

We all have that.

Happy New Year.  Subscribe, come back, share, be well.


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