Every Ornament Tells a Story

Christmas is a journey for me.  The Joliat family was big, and some years were lean.  Still, there was never a year when Mom didn’t have a few tricks up her sleeve to make magic.  One year she sewed a wardrobe of clothes for our Tiny Tears dolls and presented them in a trunk.  Another year she and Dad made a dollhouse with carpeted rooms and wallpaper.  If it was a really tight year, we would receive robes and slippers after shivering through November and December. A teenaged gift of a full length mirror was inspired by the fact that we had no place in the house to check our appearance.  That mirror is still in place today, because my sister lives in our childhood home.  Lord knows how many fashion “don’ts” it witnessed.   It was the place I checked myself out as I left for my wedding- still the only full length view in the house.

I have created many Dahl traditions.  Today I am sharing one: ornaments.

I have made many themed trees in my past-101 Dalmations, ABC, Victorian, Gingerbread men,Snowmen, French, Neon.

There were years where every room had a tree.  I’m too old for that.  Or too lazy.  Now I have a tree in the basement for Steve’s crew, and my main tree in the family room.  This tree tells the story of our life in ornaments.

Some are bought, some are made.  Some are fragile and some sturdy.I do not simply decorate a tree, I time travel to my roots and ricochet to my present. It makes me pause to appreciate big and small moments in my life.

Since the boys were young, I have presented them with 3 ornaments every year that illustrate an event in their lives. Now their trees will continue our family history.

If they wish to add a themed tree to their holiday…they are welcome to shop in my attic.

But for today- welcome to my tree. I have hundreds of ornaments weighing down the branches, but I have snapped a few so you get the mood.  Merry Christmas.

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