Dwelling in Glimmering Inertia

Dwelling in Glimmering Inertia

My house is a sparkling haven.

It is having a corrosive effect on my holiday efficiency.  This is fine for me, but will make for a crummy Christmas day.  I cannot bring myself to venture out on my rickety knee.  I do not wish to shop.  I want to sit, sip wine, listen to Christmas music and stay put.

My kids are all recently married, and with showers and weddings, they have been comprehensively  gifted of late.  They need nothing.  The all are lucky enough to have jobs;  their essentials are covered.  I usually go to Von Maur, Nordstrom and Lululemon and buy each of my kids  articles of clothing.

This all changed this year, because I heard Matt tell a story about selingl off his Penguin shirts to a resale shop and garnering $3.00 each.  I am pretty sure that that was a Gift of Christmas Past.  My return on the dollar is not good.

I was not upset at this dispatch, but it reminded me that I cannot keep pace with their tastes or sizes.  I have Lacoste polo shirts upstairs with tags on them.  They did not even make the trip home.

Still, I headed to Yorktown on Monday to scout.  The Von Maur store looked beautiful.  My charge card was ready, but nothing leaped into my arms.  I drifted to the mall to watch Santa and the train.  At first, I was warm and fuzzy.  Then I thought Mall Cops might think I was stalking.  So I skedaddled.

I remembered taking the boys to a Santa breakfast at Carsons, with a train ride thrown in for photo opportunities. I dodged the spritzing brigade at the store’s opening and rode the escalator up.    Of course, the restaurant is long gone.  And then I was.

So far my main purchases have been for the dogs’ christmas picture.  I bought two toys, a red tartan bone that has Naughty embroidered on one side, and Nice on the other.  Then I stopped at Home Goods and found a coordinating stuffed angel that coordinates with the bone.  Voila!  Christmas magic.

I’m not sure the non-canine members of my family will be encouraged by my Christmas paralysis.

I hope they like wine and Christmas music, because I have that covered.

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