The Christmas Angel is here for You- DAY 1 Tips

The Christmas Angel is here for You- DAY 1 Tips

I officially declare myself to be a Christmas addict.  I have my main tree up and am embarking upon the glitter infusion of my mundane world.  I am here for you.

I have my staging tubs out, and I want to make sure you have the essential tools needed to transform your home.  Get these before you embark.  Having to run out is a giant STALL.

1.  Green Pipe cleaners. They help you to lower wreaths that are too high, attach everything you own to bannisters and knobs, secure cords that look God awful, attach bows to greenery.

2. 3M  removable hangers These make it possible to embellish any corner on a temporary basis.  DO NOT put on wallpaper.  Be careful to remove by pulling down the elastic tab at the end of the season.  But these things allow you to secure all those plaques, Christmas plates, stockings…without a commitment.  Get all sizes.  I have hung my outdoor wreaths on the picture windows with the big ones for a few years without tragedy.

3.  Zillions of extension cords.

4.  Timers or foot pedals to light stuff up.

5.  Extra lights– either go cheap or go permanent.  I have gone to LEDs, and I bought dozens of strings after Christmas last year in warm white. The other notion is to go uber cheap, and toss if they go dim.  Always 50 lights…easier to remediate.  NEVER those clumsy  heavy wires- they are impossible to weave and hide, and hard to store.  Try to get lights that are spaced 5-6 inches apart….you need some string to align with branches….

5. Cube taps:  that is what we called them, at least- they turn one plug into 3.  Power strips if you can hide them. You will be losing the plug you use to vacuum or run your lamps.  Put power where you might need it.

6.  Fresh Wave  If your decorations have been kept in the attic or basement- they may smell of must or plastic.

I bought cheap bins last year, and the odor is terrible.  My garland smells like melted plastic.  I think I will need to pitch them;  $6 bucks might have been too cheap.  But I insist on CLEAR bins so I can see what is within. And they need to be stackable, have attached flip top lids.

Ok- that is enough for today.  I have a mantle to festoon.

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