Janet's seasonal rants, Part 1. Louis CK.

Janet's seasonal rants, Part 1. Louis CK.

Louis C K is not  funny.

What madness has crowned him as the new humor  icon?

He is dour, self-indulgent and controlling.  He is late 40’s, and still goes to masturbating jokes for the easy laugh. Ew. Grow up, sir.

The lovable loser stereotype can be endearing.  Eeyore comes to mind as an archetype.  It works for him because he is surrounded by adorable optimists and friends. Louis CK  is not lovable or endearing. In his comedy show, he has no friends to speak of to dilute the gloom. He is not a cute donkey.  Just a mopey jackass.

I know I am relatively alone in this belief.  Steve religiously DVRs his “written by Louis, filmed by Louis, edited by Louis” show.  For me, it the TV equivalent of Ambien.

I suppose his angle is to make all guys think they have a pal in him.  Or to help them come to grips with self-love.  As Louis demonstrates, he doesn’t need women to watch, care- or love him.  He can sell out a show on his website in a nano second.   The fraternity of other comics loves him, envies him, and will all hope to replace him when his reign is over.  (Remember Dane Cook?)

I’ll grant you that he is more accessible than Larry David, formerly a comedy icon, and his comedy cousin.  Larry’s OCD was a hard sell for me, too…but because his persona is oddly similar to my dear husband’s.  One only needs so much OCD in her life.  But isn’t the goal of stand-up comedy to make the audience laugh, not empathize?

What am I missing?  Maybe I am just in a dour place myself. Help me understand Louis CK.

But I’m just getting warmed up with my ranting.  It’s fall, and sunshine turns to gloom.  Me too.

Buckle up.


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