Waiting for a Baby Dahl

The Dahl family is growing!  Mike and Kathryn are having a baby in early October, and in their honor, the sisters and sisters-in-law had a shower.  OKAY- the poor girls were rolled over by my notion of a themed “Mother to Bee” theme.  They were powerless to extinguish my Pinterest fueled ideas.

Because everyone is busy, we decided to have it in the same room where Kathryn had her bridal shower- and the place where Justine had her wedding.  So many happy memories live at LaGrange Country Club!  We had yogurt parfaits, quiche, salad and treats.  And fun.

The assignments were split up, with Liz (Kathryn’s sister) getting the stickiest job- jarring and labeling honey pots.  Justine and I did flower research, planning and execution, and Rachel shined in her dessert procurement, and she ran the Baby Bingo like the educator/manager that she is.  Having to track the gifts made all of us jabberers pipe down and pay attention.  Excellent strategy.

Mike and Kathryn do not know the sex of their baby.  I made paper daisies from a Paper Source kit – each table had two lying in the middle, one for a girl, and one for a boy.  We all signed up for the gender and date of the big event.  Then the flowers went into a Bee Happy bottle. When Kathryn brings the baby home, she will figure out who was closest, and a prize will be awarded.

I said BOY, October 10.  Time will tell.

Anyway- welcome to our shower, and our family circle.  Yeah.  I am nuts.  But I love a party. And babies. So thanks to the girls for letting me micro manage them.

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