A Look Back

A Look Back
From this day forward...

Last July, the family huddled at Northwestern, awaiting the arrival of Henry Dahl.  Matt and Justine were a little late, and they arrived windblown after riding the motorcycle to the exburbs to interview a wedding photographer for their big day.  They were sure they had selected kindred spirits.

Fast Forward a year….

In May, Matthew and Justine were married on a beautiful day.  Henry was there in a little tuxedo.  Life was a great big, hugging circle, replete with family, friends and love.

It seems like another lifetime!  I was not a very good photo journalist that day- preferring to drink in the moments rather than capture them digitally.

Fortunately, the photographers were everywhere, and they have just finished sending all 1963 pictures to Matt.  It takes another day just to relive the original!

They also added Matt and Justine’s wedding to their blog, and I think it is captivatingly beautiful.  So I thought I’d share.

Check out this Spring Wedding from Miller and Miller.  And full disclosure- they were paid in full.  No conflict of interest.  But welcome to the finale in a serties of Dahl weddings.  Just think- I have almost 1900 additional pictures to immerse myself in.  I cannot wait.

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