My Boy of Summer

Here is a little gift from the Dahl archives:  A collaboration, first and foremost, between Pat and Rachel Dahl.


He is perfect and sweet.  He is curious and loves balls. He is programmed to love the Blackhawks, the White Sox and the Bears.

The creative forces behind the scenes of this clip include Dahls and friends of Dahls.

There was an online contest to make commercials for the White Sox.   Matt had an idea, but he lacked a model.  Technical skill is great- but he needed a little bit of baby love.  Pat had Henry to loan out.

These 25 seconds encapsulate a lovely continuum:  Steve’s love of the White Sox travels through two more generations of Dahls.  I like that the men of my family are laced together with this sturdy tradition. Mostly, I love seeing Henry.


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