Matt is married.

I have been in a post nuptial stupor for the last two weeks, and that is ridiculous, of course.  I think the hydraulic joy has to have a counterpart, and it is fatigue.  It will take me a few days to recount the details, but for today, I am going to recount my meddlesome contributions.

Matt and Justine did not want a wedding that was Pinterest worthy, but not fun.  They wanted to testify to their love in a church, and then have a rocking party.  And so it went…But it was also beautiful, delicious, and love infused.  Perfect.

The details were planned over the year, and I found my busy body self volunteering to take the menial chores off of Justine’s shoulders.  Her nights were spent as an oncology nurse at Northwestern, her days sleeping.  When free time overlapped, she and Matt needed to catch up.  But I am disorganized, cannot estimate time needed for projects, and I procrastinate.  Deadlines are my starting gun.  So the week of the wedding was action packed. Patriarch Roger arrived on Tuesday to find me furiously planting my annuals- just one of the many side jobs I abandoned to focus on the wedding.

Roger is 83, but he was part of the cookie assembly line: He stuffed cellophane bags, I wired them shut and added a bow.  220 times. Our fingers were sliced by the ribbon and the wire.  We ate the bloody cookies.

I volunteered to make the table assignment cards, and those were pretty much a glue-it project.  It looked like a no-brainer (a good thing for me) until I had to type in the names and tables in a fancy font, cut the strips with names so they were regulation size, and affix them to the cardstock I had already embellished with metallic paper and rhinestones. Life is too short not to glimmer, I say.  Justine agreed, and so almost everything I touched for the wedding was the recipient of some rhinestones.  I called in the troops for this final phase, and Matt keyboarded the names with his 120 words per minute skill.  Mr. Skin has taught him efficiency I will never know. For me, this project represented three days of work.  For a chimpanzee- it would have been two. But they turned out perfectly…

Matt photo shopped a picture of Walter Dahl, his PAWS pup to use as the table designators.  He put a frisbee in his mouth, and added the numerals.  I bedazzled (so fun to use that word after being denied vis 3 sons) cheap frames from Kohl’s (buy one, get one, the 30% off, woo hoo) with rhinestone look ribbon from Craft USA.  It is really shiny silver on mesh, but it looks like rhinestones and is cheaper.  It was what I glued on the tent cards, too.  I have a spool left over and I am itching to shimmer up someone or something….These table numbers connected to the fact that Walter is Matt’s wing man, and that they are donating to PAWS in lieu of a favor.

We also made out of town guest bags for our visitors.  I chose a six pack cooler as a basis, because they might just be re-used.  I had Custom Ink personalize them, and I filled them with water bottles, granola bars, Pringles, trail mix, gum, mints, an airline bottle of tequila (per Matt) and a mini vodka with V-8 for medicinal purposes (per Justine).  I added dental floss, a bandage, Aleve and Tylenol, a Pepto Bismol, Alka Seltzer, Emergen-C, q tips, dental floss, Shout Wipes, and Purell sanitizer.  This was right up my alley.  It took me back to Market Day volunteering. They were easy to safely stack and take to the hotel.  Steve was an awesome co-pilot on this.

Justine and I made jewelry for all the bridesmaids, and I must say they dazzled.  I had to learn how to make earrings, and though the final products did not look perfect close up, they looked perfectly beautiful from a distance.

Every tiny thing I undertook was undermined by my bad time management.  I pulled the old lady equivalent of all-nighters to get it all finished.  But in the end- not a bit of it was the essence of this beautiful night.  Love was.  But I was able to frost the cake, so to speak.  It felt like adding a little love to the proceedings.  That, I like.

For a little peek at the wedding beehive, visit my photostream, Wedding Prep.


I will add pictures and details in the next few days,  Excuse my indulgence.  First the work, then the fun….



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