Rush Limbaugh and his ilk

 Rush Limbaugh and his ilk

Words cannot describe how dirty I feel when I hear bloated Rush Limbaugh pontificate from his moated Florida castle. Yesterday’s slur of a law student, seeking to testify regarding contraceptive coverage brought my blood to a boil.

Since when is contraception the axis of a political divide?  Is the world safe, economy fixed?  What is this politicalization of women’s health?  Again.  The sixties called, Rush- they want you to skim Our Bodies, Our Selves.

Where is the fervor over mens’ party drugs?   I don’t believe Viagrafied sex is essential to one’s health, but it is generally covered by insurance,  without suggestions of moral turpitude. No one gets his shorts in a knot over funding for this fun.  I do not see my friends at the Roman Catholic church reprising their “reproduction only” crap for that moral dilemma. I do not see righteous indignation coming from any quarter, in fact.

Costs for the little blue pill are spread to me. I have a group policy and a self-funded policy at this time. I am helping to pay for the party in your pants, dudes, particularly since many users are on the Medicare rolls, and have “conditions” attached to the scripts. All of us pay for this.

We keep coming back to women and their particular health needs in the political coliseum. Rush is like the Emperor, setting his Gladiators in motion.  This is an absurd detour in the file marked PROBLEMS FACING AMERICA.  It is show filler, attention getting behavior. But is trivializes women, and the health issues they deal with in the continuum of their lives.

To excuse him by calling him an entertainer ignores the impact he exerts on the Right side of the Republican party.  He loves to dwell in political chaos.  Maybe the GOP should consider that he has more spit to share when they are OUT of office than IN, and the radicalization of the right serves to scare the know- the core of both parties. Could this be an elaborate media conspiracy to give him causes to champion, more Democratic or Tea Party victims to cannibalize?  If so, he really is the King of media chaos.

But enough.

Women are sick of being treated in this ridiculous faux morality-based method by men. We are not the pleasure/reproduction pods of old.  We count.  We vote.  We need to speak up for ourselves…..and yet, when a young woman, smart enough to be a student at Georgetown Law, seeks to speak, an overstuffed bully is permitted to take liberties with her virtue.  This could be your wife, or your daughter.

Apart from the despicable implication that Rush imposed upon Sandra Fluke, there are reasons to fight to keep birth control coverage available to all.  If contraception is not a profit center for big pharmacy, they will stop spending and researching it. So women will have fewer options, or more dangerous ones. Or they will have to count on men to have and use condoms. We know how that goes.  I was shocked to find how costly this medication’s been awhile since I picked up a spinner for ten bucks.  (Bless me Father, for I have Sinned….and continue to, presumably,  since Steve was snipped) Those who can least afford a pregnancy will skip it.  The ongoing costs to this person, our culture, and unwanted children is beyond comprehension.

The bluster about religious beliefs is artifice.  Religion is not part of governance by Constitutional design.  You can vote your conscience, but we are tolerant and respectful of other faiths.  That is why we are different from religious oligarchies.  Practical considerations should encourage the Republicans and Rush to shut up.  Women are 51% of the electorate.  Even if we do not utilize certain services, like abortion and birth control, we realize that we are being reduced by this monologue. We are angry.

The fact is, many women DO use contraception for hormonal balance, relief from estrogen based cysts and acne, endometriosis pain. Or to regulate the timing and duration of cycles to prevent anemia. Or to control the ebb and flow of their own lives, which is irretrievably impacted by pregnancy, birth and the rearing of a child.  Don’t we get to do this?  Isn’t pregnancy the single most important medical event in a woman’s life? The “who pays for birth control” side trip is a red herring.

The imputation that anyone using contraception is promiscuous is beyond ridiculous.  This moral apoplexy, being applied to women, reeks of paternalism and objectification.

Leading the morality brigade here is Rush.  Remember when Rush used to send his maid out to get his oxycontin?  Remember how Florida took care of him so his empire would remain in their state?   Remember his coded racial slurs?  That any ears would accept moral indignation or political observation from him amazes me. That people take time to defend him flummoxes me.

Look who he targeted.  Prototypically, he selected a person he believed he could ridicule with impunity: young, female, student.  I hardly think a Georgetown law student should be dragged through his vile thought process. Think of the people who have lost media jobs for far smaller mis-steps. He runs the Republicans from a far more profitable enclave, where he is free to say whatever,(racist, sexist comments, lies) do whatever (drugs) and smirk at everyone (Michele Obama is fat) without consequence or responsibility. He makes a king’s fortune and does not have the accountability that ANY political candidate lives with. It is a sweet deal. 97% of us are too busy with our lives to care what this cartoon says, and so on he goes.

Today I DO care, because he stepped over a line.  Sandra Fluke is a private citizen exercising her free speech. She should not be called a harlot for making her case.  Perhaps women who take birth control, and are called sluts by extension, should unite to stop Rush’s slander. A class action might redirect his zeal. Or scare advertisers. Or lead to some external imposition of conscience from his affiliates. He was adrift yesterday, morally and legally. His first best move would be to apologize, not to explain.  Rush does not do apologies.  SInce he specifically referenced her Mom and Dad, I would love for him to lower the drawbridge and look them in the face.  Cowards and bullies don’t do that.  SO he will not.

I imagine that Limbaugh’s stuttering attempt to explain and provide context for his blathering had more to do with his realization that she was not a public figure, and therefore was afforded greater free speech protection. .Or his legal eagles guided him to the realization that his words were actionable. Entertainer Rush can claim he was speaking in jest, hyperbolically- but there is an old adage I remember from law school days…”jest at your own peril.” Perhaps Ms. Fluke’s classmates at Georgetown will close ranks and put Rush in his place.  I suspect that their time is too valuable to waste on the class clown.

I always hope that Rush will bear consequences for his vile behavior.  He will not.

Rush is bunkered, and bunkered in style.  He will soon find a new victim, new issue, another 3 hours to blow hard in.  Maybe you won’t care until it is your wife.  Or your daughter.  Or you.

Don’t bother strafing me or defending Rush.  He is an ass.  He may be your ass.  And I get to say that, because he is a very public, obnoxious public figure.

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