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Saving Sears

When I was a kid, the Sears Catalog was a sign that the school year was coming, or Christmas was imminent.  It really was a Wish Book for us.  My high school graduation gift was a lovely set of powder blue suitcases bearing the Sears identity.  Steve and I were over the moon when we... Read more »

Sleepless in Sunshine

First- I apologize for the austerity of my blogging. My I pad will not load images, and so I will show you my world on another day. Today I will take you to Janet’s Planet with mere words. I have not slept well in Florida. Can it be that I require the snuffling and wheezing... Read more »


I hopped a plane to Florida, and I decided to be unencumbered. I took only my I Pad, and a few clothes to counter my museum quality attire that resides in the Sunshine State. I fit right in with my old school safari pants and neon tees. I think Steve purges the worst offenders when... Read more »

Judge Not

Death is death. When the death is that of a talented singer, fraught with issues and self-admitted demons, the news circus ramps up. When the death happens as the Grammy Awards are being rehearsed, the proximity of interviewees is to great to resist. SO the 24/7/365 coverage began on Saturday. Anyone who breathed the same... Read more »

Ugly in Pink

Ugly in Pink
The Susan G Komen Foundation debacle has been documented.   I was prepared to scribble a rant, then noted better prose than I could conjure. Still.. I have a few afterthoughts. The new position taken by the Susan G.  Komen foundation is a wise one.   It will not undo the harm.  There’s the pity.... Read more »