Rear View: last year's ambitious project

I wrote a post last week about my ADD home remodeling, and here are the before and after shots.  I end up spending more than I need to because I re-use stuff, but I cannot pitch out good cabinetry.  This stuff was Wood Mode, and it was in great shape.  The result is that the floor plan required all kinds of adaptations, and that made the installation of a tub into a gigantic home renovation. (see earlier post)

Bill was great about reworking the cabinets, and cut down one set to nestle into the tub surround (facing the toilet) so we could have storage.

I have no regrets because Steve and I both use the tub to soothe our aches and pains.

This is probably THE END of big home alterations for me.  Bill claims to have retired, and I can’t break a new guy in.

This weekend, I will share another completed mini-project.   I hope to have progress on my photo archiving.  So far, I have just purchased tupperware containers.  It is not much of a start.


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