My Superbowl Gift to all Hosts

My Superbowl Gift to all Hosts

The big game is coming up, and the Dahl home will not host any festivities.  I can live with this, no problem.  Matt is moving into a new home this weekend, and I expect he will be busy, and Pat and Rachel will be with Steve in Florida.  So I will not be heating up mini sausages, or making my reuben dip.  More to the point, there will be no need to make guacamole.

Everyone in the world  makes good guacamole.  Mine is epic, not only for its taste, but for the ease with which I can amaze and astound my guests.  It is a simple dip, and most recipes only add pretense to a simple process.   You do not need a molcajete, or a tool to scoop the avocados out.   Those are ridiculous.

I am sharing my secret so you are ready.

Buy a tub of Del Monte pico de gallo in the produce section.  It has all the add-ins you could dream of, and would have to chop:  onions, tomatoes, peppers and cilantro bits.  Take 5 -6 avocados, scoop out the meat, mash a bit, add the pico, and hotter peppers or hot sauce if you wish (we do not) and then…..add a dose of garlic powder, pepper  and SECRET INGREDIENTLawry’s seasoned salt.  Avocado is bland bland bland.  The Lawry’s is the perfect awakener.  It comes without MSG for you purists.  If the avocados are meaty, sometimes I add a teense of cider vinegar to the mix…just to make it easy to scoop.  Save the lime for the Coronas.

This recipe takes….5 minutes, tastes the best, and will win you acclaim.  Promise.

The time you save can be used to make a shrimp boat in the shape of a stadium, or a football shaped cake.

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