Mini-Project 1-I skinned my I Pad

Mini-Project 1-I skinned my I Pad
30 Bucks of low tech joy

Here is a self-indulgent project that took a few minutes and thirty bucks. My niece Erin had created a skin for her Kindle, and I was filled with tech envy.  But my Kindle has a cute pink case, and so I really did not need to customize it.

My I Pad, on the other hand, looks just like Steve’s, and lives in the same dock.  So I made it my own.

I used GelaSkins, though there are lots of sites selling glamour for your devices. I probably used it because it came up on my Google search.  Creating the skin was was easy for a techno idiot like me.

I found a picture of Steve and me holding Henry on the LL Bean boot in Freeport, Maine during our October visit.  I edited it and uploaded it to the Gela skins site.  Then I struggled with the issue of whether the front and back images needed to be linked.  Steve would say YES;  I opted to use a New Buffalo image with no connection.  The cool part was that GelaSkin mails back a photo panel for you to SAVE, then make the wallpaper on the screen.  So simple, so smart- so within my capabilities!  And they send a vinyl border that exactly matches up with the photo. It all took about a week.  I was hesitant to apply the decals, because I am clumsy…but since they are removable, there is a margin for error.  I smoothed out the bubbles with no problems, and now I have a one-of-a-kind tablet.

The skins offer zero protection, but I do not take mine out of the house without a slip-in case.  I was after form, not function.

I realize that to the hip people who would never defile their gadgets with such fluff, I am an idiot.  But when I noodle around with my I Pad, I smile. And I just might get a skin for my phone….though it DOES live in a silicone case most of the time.  There are 8 I- phones in the Dahl family, though…only Henry does not have one.  It would help us avoid a mix-up when we are together.

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