How Lame am I?

How Lame am I?
Next up: Mocha (Valentine's day) Bailey's flavored coffee in March (St. Pat's)

I even tailor my coffee and creamer to the holiday season.

During the Fall- I go to Pumpkin Spice.  For Christmas, Peppermint, Mocha mint, – any brand that features a festive image jumps into my cart.  Now that I am in the Winter doldrums- my coffee follows me.  I still have egg nog creamer, though.  I cannot bring myself to throw it out.

I am adapting to life with no Steve.

His old joke:  “we are separated, he is in Florida and I am in Chicago makes me smile.”

I will write about it tonight.  I did not wish to seem sad, despite the fact that I blubbered almost all day Monday.  I have dragged my family and the blogreaders into my rabbit hole with my post Christmas melancholy. Enough!!  The snow is lovely, the dogs are good company, and I have many chores to attack.

Steve needs the sun and the fresh air.  I do, too.

It is quiet, though.  Cold.  Snowy.

Maybe I will make a pot of coffee….

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