Creature of Habit

Creature of Habit

In order to postpone my big project of organizing 33 years of Dahl photographic history, or of sharing the pictures I promised of last year’s project (a reveal in HGTV parlance) I am offering a detour.  I am as famous for my zigs, zags, and detours as Steve is for his straight lines.

Mabel is like Steve.

Her days are organized in a repetitive way.  When my feet hit the floor, hers do too.  She heads for the sunroom door, where she relieves herself in haste.  Her next stop is the front door, where she will pick up the papers, and deposit them at my feet.  This was accidentally effectuated when I stuffed a newspaper in her puppy mouth 10 years ago, and gave her a cheese slice to release it.  Since then, she loves to get the papers, but she REALLY loves cheese.  My paper delivery man used to drop the papers at the street, and she got a workout.  Now he plops them on the porch, and the effort involved does not truly merit cheese.  However, old habits die hard.

The last piece of the morning routine is new.  Mabel and I are both old, and both of our doctors have suggested vitamin supplements.  I have my B, Calcium, Multivitamin, krill oil and acidophilous upstairs in a pill keeper. I recently decided to split my vitamins into AM and PM.  The pills that overlap with Mabel-fish oil, glucosamine and a coated aspirin for aches and pains- are now part 3 of her morning routine.  She actually goes to the area where they are stored, sits,  and awaits her doses.  Why?  Because I bury them in creamy peanut butter.  She would eat razor blades if I covered them in Skippy.  Steve is a super chunk guy, and Mabel does not need that roughage.  She has her own jar.

This is my first foray into I Movie.  I realize this is primitive, but bear with me. Soon I will be able to REALLY bore you!


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