Tools of persistence

Tools of persistence

The photo accompanying this little blurb indicates the raw materials in my “staging bin”.  This is the tub that comes down first, and stays in the window seat so I can always solve a decorating conundrum.  The chenille and wire on a roll are handy to have for tying stuff up.  The removable tapes from 3M can hold up any decoration in the world, and can also steady snowmen, Santas or choirsters that have wobbly bottoms and may buy it from a fall.  The candle suction cup holders let me float a candle in the wreath in my front windows. The garland wrap is great for attaching stuff to a bannister- like mini velcro.   Every single decoration is either timer controlled, or controlled by a foot pedal.  I obsess about cords, and have spent a lot of time re-doing lights to obscure them.

The little candles that are activated by nightfall are really awesome for illuminating a small area that has a bit of decorating.  I wish you could connect them end-to-end, because their cords mess with my mind.

Steve is doing his FOX news bit on my Christmas decor, and he took some pictures that will show up at 9:50 on the news tomorrow.  Of course, he is going to make fun.  But I am undeterred.

I have purchased the wreaths for the front, and will hang today.  Then my sisters will be able to start experiencing the magic when they arrive this evening.

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