Phase 6: the family room,and a grateful farewell...

I am almost agoraphobic diring the holidays- I love to just be at home, distracted by the memories embedded in every piece of Christmas clutter.  There is peace and beauty. History.

In the attic, other themes are on hiatus- what I have shared are my favorites.  Next year,with Henry toddling, perhaps the 101 Dalmations tree will descend from the attic.  Or the gingerbread men cut from grocery bags and stitched with green yarn.  OR the ABC tree.  Maybe I will be even more comforted by the familiarity of Christmas Past.  I know my heart will be aglow with the happiness that Christmas delivers to me- a chance to spend time with family, friends, food, wine and wonder.  Thank you for co-traveling on my obsession.  You are good company!

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